Transtelephonic Cardiac Event Monitoring
IMD announces the latest technology in transtelephonic cardiac event monitoring. The IMD Model 1200m Transtelephonic Cardiac Event Monitor is a small, lightweight unit designed to document the symptomatic patient's pre and post symptom electrocardiographic activity, and transmit the signal to any analog receiving station. Designed to improve patient compliance, the 1200m offers a convenient belt clip holster, and is easy to wear measuring smaller than a standard pager.

With its ergonomic design, the IMD
1200m minimizes false event recordings with a low-profile recording button, and can store either 5 or 10 minutes of ECG. The device offers a variety of memory modes to accommodate the duration of any symptom type, and transmits the ECG with superior signal quality. Testing throughput can be accelerated using the device's optional Quad-Speed transmission protocol, and auto-erase feature. Using advanced computer controlled baseline correction, the 1200m offers the highest quality electrocardiogram available.

  • Simple operation
  • Small & lightweight, less than 2 ounces
  • Programmable memory modes
  • Advanced baseline correction
  • Convenient to carry and transmit from removable belt clip holster


  • Improved ECG signal quality
  • Over 45 days of battery life on a single coin cell battery
  • Compatible with all analog receiving equipment
  • Auto-erase feature improves ease of use
  • Enhanced testing throughput with Quad-Speed transmission protocol option


Length: 2.85 inches
Width: 1.98 inches
Thickness: 0.66 inches
Weight: 1.2 ounces


Battery Type: (1) CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell
Battery Life: 45 Days (Typical)


Memory: Programmable Memory Modes with 5 or 10 minutes of ECG


Frequency Response: 0.05 to 30 Hz
CMRR: 70 dB
Input Dynamic Range: ± 2.5 mV
Resolution: 8 Bits, 100 s/s


Method: Frequency Modulation
Center Frequency: 1500 Hz (± 1%)
Deviation: 100 Hz/mV (± 1%)
Speed: 1 to 1 Transmission (Standard) or Quad Speed Transmission Protocol (Optional)

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